Off Season Conditioning

Off-Season Conditioning (Registration)
Second Session Phase II

$225 for 8 weeks of training
Dates: October 2, 2018 - November 28, 2018  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday

NOVA Sports Performance 
21690 Red Rum Dr. STE 107
Ashburn VA 20147
Group One 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM 4th grade & below
Group Two 7:30 PM-  8:45 PM 5th grade and higher

The off-season is a perfect time to develop speed in athletes. Athletes can deemphasize event specific skills and focus on speed training that will benefit all sports that require speed and quickness. Even if you are not a sprinter, our workouts mixed in with lower intensity specific skills for your sport can help you be faster and develop your athletic skills. Speed training can benefit both non-endurance based sports and endurance based sports. Running a 100-meter dash or a kick at the end of long race requires some type of speed training. Athletes need to train for speed by running fast, with long recovery periods and a gradual increase in training volume. Training on the track for sports that require explosive, quick burst of speed will be the focus of the program. "

A proper training plan should include weight training, plyometric jumps, medicine ball throws and running. Acceleration training, speed training, and resistance runs should be trained in conjunction with explosive movements such as weight training, plyometric jumps and medicine ball throws. The day after high-intensity speed training should be a recovery day without explosive movements. After speed endurance training, athletes should have a recovery day with limited activity. Athletes also need to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and other bio-motor abilities as well as event specific training. High-intensity efforts in these activities should be paired with the speed training days. The lower intensity with various volumes can be part of the recovery days, depending on the athlete’s needs and fitness level. Common methods to develop the other skills needed include weight training, plyometric jumps and medicine ball throws.