We are not just a running club; we are a Cross Country / Track & Field Program, with a training- and performance-focused philosophy. If you are reading this, then we already think that you have what it takes to be in the program.  For our program, we expect each and every athlete to compete in multiple regular season meets, as well as advance in a series of post-season meets, culminating in regional and national championships. These costs (meet fees) alone add up quickly, especially when the athletes compete in multiple events. In addition, for the athletes to receive the best possible coaching and instruction, the coaching staff is constantly upgrading its knowledge and skills through various programs associated with USATF, AAU, and NSCA.
All ages are able to join the program.  Athletes that are 6 & under will be on a case by case basis. The athletes compete based on age divisions established by USATF and AAU.  Cross Country minimum age limit is 9.  
Cross Country August - December
Off Seasoning Conditioning will run from September – November.  
The Indoor / winter season will begin in November and ends in March.
The Spring/Summer season begins in mid-march and ends in late-July.
Post Season will run from July – Aug.
Are practices mandatory?
Practices are NOT mandatory. We acknowledge that in this day and age we are all involved in numerous activities. However, practice improves performance and we encourage attendance as much as possible. We want this program to be what you desire it to be.  You get out what you put in.
Typical practices:
Practices will start off with going through different warm ups followed by a workout for the different events. We desire for this to be a fun experience so we will try and be creative in making it fun and exciting, but we will also want to challenge them to push themselves to do things they may have never done before.
Cross Country / Track & Field meets:
Meets are typically held on Saturdays or Sundays. A team calendar will be distributed to the athletes upon registration.  Registered athletes/parents also will have access to the programs team snap calendar.
The refund policy is as follows and must be agreed to as part of the registration process.
1) If equipment or uniforms have been issued, no refund will be processed until they are returned.
2) Upon written request via regular mail or email more than 30 days prior to sport season start (1st practice/evaluations), participants will receive a full refund of the activity fee(s) less 10% to cover expenditures that resulted from the registration (county fees, payment processing, league fees, etc).
3) Upon written request via regular mail or email, 50% of the activity fee will be refunded when requested less than 30 days of scheduled sport/program start (1st practice/evaluations).
4) No refunds will be issued after the season/session officially starts (1st practice/evaluations).
Note: You may appeal for special consideration directly to the Club President.  Please send all refund requests directly to the  Head Coaches and allow for 30days for processing.